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Help us make yumee even more awesome!

We believe in community - and that's not only for sharing the joy of food. 

To make yumee the best community platform of foodlovers - we need your Input, Ideas & Feedback.

There is multiple ways you can help us and be part of the community!

Dont hesitate to reach out!

As a Cooking Class 🧪

We are building Yumee to make it easy and fun for everyone to learn and explore cooking, that is why we see you as our closest partners. We want to make it easier for food lovers to find you and for you to better connect with your students.

If that sounds good, send us a message and we can talk


As a User 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳

Run into a bug while using the app? Don't hesitate to reach out! We love to squash bugs (figure of speech).

If you're missing a feature or have an amazing idea - let us know!

We capture all ideas on our roadmap and will evaluate them constantly. Show us your creativity!


As a Partner 📃🖋️

Influencer, Restaurant, Bar, Household Supplier or Online-Shop.. We're open to discuss any potential collaboration as long as it's not just transactional. We want to build something truly awesome - together.


Let's Work Together

Drop us a message at

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